Kirsten Rae Simonsen
My work reflects my interest in the built environment, utopias, and dystopias. I am fascinated by architectural displacement, private versus public property, and the promises of the suburban and pastoral fantasies.

For inquiries, contact me at and follow me on Instagram: @behomebeforedark. See artworks currently available for purchase at Artspace Flatfile and Saatchi

Neo Summer Camp, mixed media on wood panel, 11" x 14", 2013

This painting imagines a neo-summer camping experience of the future. Many suburban developers believe that a deer indicates wildness, or at least that nature is present. Perhaps the forest of the future will be packaged and presented to us as a diorama on a floating island, untouchable yet nostalgic and full of longing. The stag is isolated, as if part of a terrarium, as the silent caravan looks on. The animal may also refer to the remnants of a menagerie that no longer exists.